5 Reasons You Should Try Meatless Monday

It may have started off as an opportunity to help balance the scales with the demand for food during world war I and II, but when meatless Monday returned in 2003, it was designed to promote a healthier lifestyle. Human beings consume large quantities of meat every year and depending on who you ask the consequences are anything but favorable. Regardless of what you may think about meatless Monday, there are a few good reasons to participate in it and here they are.

The Weight Factor

There is no such thing as a free ride, and if you consume high quantities of meat, then you should expect to retain an elevated percentage of fat. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to change those risks; however, one day a week without meat will help you maintain a little more control of that fat intake.

Improved Health

If you are to believe the reports coming from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition than you will know that vegetarians improve their cardiac health by turning to a vegetarian diet. Although a great deal of those reduced numbers can be attained through choosing healthier meats, it is feasible to expect that meatless Mondays could help turn things around.

Fertile Families

If you have ever tried to have kids and were told that the chance of you conceiving a child was very low, you might be advised to increase your vegetable intake. A diet that is low in fatty foods and high in vegetables has been associated with improved fertility rates. It will also reduce the risk of diseases such as mad cow, bird flu and other food-borne illnesses.

Fountain Of Youth

Okay so maybe you won’t be able to turn back the hands of time, but the antioxidants that are found in certain vegetables, especially carrots can do wonders for your vision. In addition to helping maintain a better eyesight, vegetables will improve the quality of your skin and inadvertently fight some of the disorders that generally help accelerate the wrinkle effect.

Contributing To Humanity

It has been well documented that harvesting animals has almost always been related to suffering. You don’t have to appreciate the fact that cruelty to animals is wrong, but when you add more humane treatment to all the other health benefits of cutting meat out of your diet for at least one day a week, it suddenly seems like a great idea.  Additionally, meat takes a lot of energy to cook, so saving energy also helps reduce pollution from coal burning power plans (and help your wallet a little bit too!).